Friday, 15 February 2008

So that's what they said in Trainspotting ...

Although English newspapers are lacking in the sale circulars and coupons I loved in American papers, they do often entice you to buy with freebies.

This week the Times has given away a free screenplay each day (if you buy the paper at WHSmith bookstore or turn in a coupon there). Today's script was "Trainspotting" (you can find the script online here). Which was cool, because that's one of my husband's favorite movies, and now he can finally figure out what everyone is saying (Scottish accents are a wee bit hard to follow). The paper cost about $1.40. Maybe all the "free" items are why papers (and magazines) cost so much more here.

Still, freebies are cool, although not always something you'd want. We haven't watched a single free DVD we've gotten yet (how we can stand to hold off watching "Merlin" or news highlights of 1970, I don't know).

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