Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Sexy stuff for a quid

Where would one expect to find these "Furry love cuffs with a feather teaser?" Perhaps some adult novelty store or sexy lingerie shop? Nope, they were along with household goods, food and toys at Poundland. The store is similar to the Dollar Tree in the U.S., except here everything is £1 instead of $1. Click here to see other Valentine's items they have for a quid, including edible nipple tassles, adult "playsets", and something called a Willy Lead (translation to American English: a penis leash).

When I lived in Alabama, such items were only at Spencer gifts or in an "adult" store. Of course, Alabama was way too repressed about such things. But I'm torn between thinking it's refreshing that they aren't as repressed here, and feeling a bit sorry for anyone whose toddler asks what a Willy Lead is and why you'd want that. But since I don't have kids, I'll just enjoy shopping for the fun, cheap kinky stuff. However, since I was slightly embarrassed to hand my furry cuffs to the young man behind the counter while someone's grandma was in line behind me, I don't know how comfortable I'd be buying an edible G string or the bedroom play kit (which is a Do Not Disturb sign, ribbons for binding wrists, and an eyeshade/blindfold). But I gotta admit, for £1, these items make a nice fun or funny gift, depending on the viewpoint of the receiver!

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  1. OMG - too funny. I'm sure I went to school with someone called Willy Lead though!


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