Thursday, 1 July 2010

Partying like it's 1942

Summer is finally here! And it feels like an actual summer, one where I don't need a jacket! Sure, it's pretty mild in my book with temps in the 70s and a light breeze most of the time, but it's warm enough that I don't need to "layer" myself to an over-dressed oblivion. Lovely!

Sunday (June 27) we went to Armed Forces Day events in Forbury Gardens. Lots of booths and stripey lounge chairs and kids running around. Some people even had coffee from the little snack stand, which baffled me -- when it's freezing I see people eating ice cream, when it's hot, a cup of Joe does the trick?!

We were there for a bit of live entertainment, the Dame Vera Lynn Tribute act performed by Diane James. She looked the part in an authentic period olive green uniform and a hairdo that surely required curlers the size of your fist and an hour under an old-fashioned hairdryer (probably also olive green, or perhaps avocado green) to achieve. She sang Vera Lyne WWII classics like The White Cliffs of Dover and sounded just like an old-timey record my mom would love to hum along to. The older folks in the audience sang along, knowing every word to songs I'd never heard of. It was fun and kind of sweet.