Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Monday, 16 February 2009

Crazy chip update

So far, I've tried three of the new potato chip flavors on trial with Walkers, and they're all "meh."

One was more "bleech," actually. On the Fish & Chips flavor, my husband said: "Eeeww, I don't go for that. Get me some turpentine to wash that taste out!" He later said: "They taste like they were fried in Long John Silver's old oil." Not a glowing recommendation at all.

I actually thought it was OK after eating one chip. Taking a bite reminded me of Violet in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. She was the one who ate the gum that gradually tasted like all the parts of a meal (before she got to the dessert part and turned into a human blueberry). The chip didn't make me feel like a piece of fruit, but there was an odd sensation of tasting first the chips (fries) and then after a slight delay, the fish. After my husband tried one and nearly gagged, though, it put me right off these chips, lol.

We also tried the Builder's Breakfast flavor, and it was good. You really could taste eggs and bacon. But this wasn't significantly different than the current Smoky Bacon flavor, so I won't be voting for this chip, either.

Lastly, we tried the Onion Bhaji flavor. It really did taste like onion bhaji. Which I'm not super fond of. So this one was OK, but didn't earn my vote. Stay tuned, you crazy crisp fans!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

On the streets of Reading

Today out shopping in Reading's city centre, I noticed a couple of interesting things. Firstly, while someone walking along singing to himself may not merit much attention, a man walking along rapping to himself appears to have The Crazies. It sounds like he's having an argument with the voices in his head.

Secondly, they are much freer with clothing styles in England. It's nice that people can walk along in the middle of the day looking like they're heading to a costume party (fancy dress party to the Brits), when you suspect that's just their "normal" clothes. No one gives them a second glance. While it's really great to have this freedom, the outcome is a few people go around in really costume-like outfits. Sometimes they probably are on the way to a party, as the Brits love costume parties. But I still suspect a few outfits are just normal wear for others.

Today I saw a woman in a frilly blue dress (like something from a '60s high school prom), a tiara, and bright blue lipstick to match her frock. She was walking past the mall. I looked to see if she was carrying fliers or in some other way was dressed up as part of a business promotion, but no, she was just going about her business. My husband thinks she must have been on her way to a hen party (batchelorette party) even though it was the middle of the day, but I'm not convinced. If she were on the way to a hen party, she surely would've had a bunch of blinking, bobbing penises attached to some bunny-ears contraption on her head (normal hen party gear).

I think she just had this cool dress, so why not wear it? And if you're wearing a frilly, princessy dress, of course you need a tiara. And naturally you match your lipstick to your dress. You think? And does dressing like that limit your job options? Could you be a bank clerk or doctor or restaurant manager dressed like a Disney princess? Just a point to ponder.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Care for some Cajun Squirrel potato chips?

One thing about the UK that's cause for a giggle to an American girl is the wacky potato chip flavors. The norm here is things like steak and onion chips (or crisps, as they're called), roast chicken flavor, and prawn cocktail. And they all taste a lot better than you'd think.

Now Walkers wants to find a fresh, new flavor that's freakier than ever (and perhaps more fabulous?) with it's "Do us a flavour, Pick us a winner contest." People were invited to recommend a new flavor, and six were selected to be whipped up for consumers to sample. Sadly, my suggestion of chili cheese fries didn't make the cut. But junk-food aficionados can sample the new tastes and vote for a winner, with the most "out-there" option being Cajun Squirrel flavor. Seriously. I just bought two little bags of each new flavor yesterday for myself and husband to try, and I'll report back what we think.

Here are the options:

Builder's Breakfast (egg, bacon, sausage and beans)
Crispy Duck & Hoisin
Onion Bhaji
Chilli & Chocolate
Fish & Chips
Cajun Squirrel

Hungry yet? If you've tried these or would like to, let me know what you think!

If you crave more information about this unusual contest, check out this story in the Telegraph.