Friday, 6 March 2009

Are you f****** kidding me?!!!

According to this article, the anti-bacterial hand gels located at many sites around the Royal Berkshire Hospital (the gels that aren't attached to the walls) will be removed amidst fears that youths will drink them because they are alcohol based. Um, even if none-too-bright youngsters wanted to try and get drunk off this stuff, would they really sneak around the hospital to steal some? Or just buy (or steal) it from any grocery store or drugstore? And is that really a big risk of happening, anyway?

It was already unimpressive enough that the gels are placed throughout the hospital with signs urging you to use them to keep down spread of virus (which makes you wonder how clean hospitals are kept here -- they don't have the antiseptic smell of U.S. hospitals), but now they are taking them away for such an unlikely reason? Not very confidence- inspiring.