Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Last night I felt the shaking, and at first thought the upstairs neighbors had dropped something or were running around. Hubby didn't feel it for a few seconds, and by then it was obvious that it was an earthquake. The couch felt like someone was rocking it, and the ottoman where I set my laptop was shaking. It just lasted a few seconds more, and Hubby was a bit fascinated by it all. There's a story about it here.

I was surprised to read that: "Police in the Midlands received more than 5,000 calls in hour and in Dudley 12 people walked into the police station in their pyjamas." Perhaps the quake was stronger in that area. It didn't disturb us at all; we just thought it would be interesting to read about in the morning and went right on watching TV.

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  1. You forget how small England is. My mmu woke up as she thought someone was moving her bead (at 1am) and then went back to sleep until the morning - she's up in Tyneside.
    Apparently there was one in 1984 and I was still in London then. I swear I can't remember it even being reported.


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