Saturday, 17 November 2007

This is messed up

I just learned that a woman who stole my purse several years ago is passing her trashy self off as me. I didn't know her and have never seen her; she stole my purse at a supermarket. It had my wallet, cell phone, driver's license, credit cards, check book and social security number. Basically, the keys to my life and the means to make it hell.

I reported everything as stolen and didn't lose any additional money. I did go through tons of aggravation, worry, emotional stress and depression over it, though, as she wrote every one of the checks. I had informed my bank of the theft, but it turns out they didn't inform the people who tried to cash those checks she had written -- the bank just told them payment had been stopped. So I had to go to the bank for each check that came in and sign a fraud report -- the nearest branch of my bank was 40 miles away from where I lived (I had moved before the theft and didn't see a need to change banks -- oops). Then I had to send a copy of the fraud report and the police report to each person who contacted me trying to collect on the stopped check. Some of these people called me. They were rude and treated me like a thief at first (I imagine a lot of people that write bad checks claim their checks were stolen). I was able to convince all of them that I was telling the truth, but this was very distressing to have people call and treat me like a criminal after I'd already been victimized.

Due to something stupid the daft wench did, the police found out who she was and where she lived. But because she wouldn't answer the door when they knocked, they never arrested her. Yes, really. Yesterday I called the police where I filed the case and am trying to see what I can find out as I've lost my original copies of reports, but there's not much they can do now as she has apparently moved on to another town. I don't know her real name, though the police should.

I just learned that several months ago a man called my mother back in the States and told her she should check on her daughter in some city I've never lived in, because he thought her boyfriend was abusing her (it was the thief he was referring to). He said this woman worked for a friend of his. She had obviously been using my name or else the trail wouldn't have led to my mother. My mother told him that her daughter was happily married and living in England, but that her purse and ID had been stolen years before. My sister also called the guy and explained that this woman claiming to be me was not me and was in fact a criminal. My sis seems to think he intended to take action, but we don't know what he did, if anything. I'd like to call him and see if he can help me and the police locate this woman, but my mom and sis didn't save this guy's name and number (I can't believe they wouldn't find that important enough to keep, but I'm not trying to bash them here). Neither my mom or sis told me about it for fear it would deeply upset me (which it did), and they knew I was already under a lot of stress due to my knee problems. But they still should have told me, as now I know I have to be on my guard again. My sister let it slip last night, and the freak out began.

I guess I should've always been on my guard. This woman has my personal information and she has criminal intent. My husband scared me to death when he said what if she commits a crime and she's representing herself as you? Well, that means an arrest warrant could be issued for my name. There would be no current address that was my correct one, and I could prove the one who did whatever illegal mess she's up to wasn't me if by some stretch of the imagination the police located and tried to arrest me when I go back to the States. But I'm sure I'd be treated with a lot of disbelief and maybe spend a night in jail until the cops straightened it all out as they're pretty skeptical of people who say "it wasn't me." It's all very unlikely to happen, but I believe in worrying as fatalistically as possible and freaking myself the hell out.

Just a note on what type of woman this person is: when the checks came back, I saw she had written them to (and thus stolen from) places like the Christian Mission. That is a charity shop to help the needy, and it sells donated used items at low cost. That's where you pass a stolen check?! That's not only disgusting to steal from a charity, but it shows how she thinks -- why not go somewhere and buy new furniture or clothes if you're stealing checks? Oh no, she decided to run down to the charity shop to get some things she'd had her eye on, like that couch that smelled of cat piss or the stained mattress that someone died on. She also wrote a check for $30 to Taco Bell. How the hell many tacos did that heifer eat?! I just can't fathom how you'd spend $30 at a Taco Bell. You can get a small lunch for $2 and a huge one for $4 or $5. Was she throwing a party? And the best idea she could come up with for a place to steal food was Taco Bell? The mind boggles.

So here I am, feeling trapped and helpless and hoping some low IQ, low-class criminal won't add to life's problems and challenges. Which she actually already has, I just don't know how long it will continue or what degree of trouble she'll cause. That's messed up, y'all.

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