Monday, 19 November 2007

Obnoxious gits beware: Using the C-word could cost ya

You gotta love it when snotty 29-year-old gits who earn more money than you (£45,000 a year, or about $90,000) actually have to suffer the consequences for being an ass. Here's what The Times says in a story titled "Labour aide quits after C-word rant":

An aide to the Labour leader at the Scottish Parliament has resigned in disgrace after calling the First Minister a “c***” at an awards ceremony.

Matthew Marr, chief press aide to Wendy Alexander, issued a grovelling apology for his behaviour at the Scottish Politician of the Year Awards last Thursday, which culminated in him screaming abuse at Alex Salmond before apparently ranting to bemused onlookers: “I hate the f***ing middle classes.”

As well as launching a verbal assault on a Nationalist politician sitting at his table and insulting a cloakroom attendant, Mr Marr is also said to have greeted a fellow guest with the question: “Is that your bird, then?”


Mr Marr had been in his £45,000-a-year post for less than two months. As Mr Salmond went up to collect the top award at the ceremony, Mr Marr loudly declared that the newly elected First Minister was a “c***”. Although Mr Salmond did not hear the remark, Jennifer Dempsie, one of his special advisers, who was seated at Mr Marr’s table, was said to have been deeply offended. She told friends that Mr Marr had spent the evening being obnoxious to her.


Mr Marr was also accused of haranguing the Nationalist MSP Christina McKelvie, a member of Holyrood’s standards committee. She said: “His conduct throughout the night, in particular to women, was inappropriate.”

Real classy bloke, eh? I hope he displays better manners when he's flipping burgers at McDonald's.

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