Friday, 7 March 2008

A truly tasty bargain

I finally found a good deal at a restaurant with great food. And I'm amazed by that fact. England is the land of high prices, and that definitely includes eating out. At a very basic fast-foodish place in London called the Hamburger Hamlet last year, we spent $25 on two burgers, one order of fries and one cola (not being a big drinker and avoiding caffeine, I stuck with tap water, per usual). And the food was nothing special, believe me. That's why we almost never go out, and when we do it's to the very basic Back of Beyond, and even then only when socializing with friends.

But tonight we had a date, just us. And it was no more costly than having a burger and fries at the Back of Beyond. We spent about $24 on two scrumptious orders of Sicilian Chicken served on a bed of potatoes in a spiced tomato and red pepper sauce. We also had desserts -- a yummy chocolate "pudding" (sponge cake with hot chocolate sauce inside) served with ice cream for Hubby and an order of iced winter berries in an amazing hot white chocolate sauce for me. AND Hubby had a beer (that alone was $6.40). We got all that here in Reading at the Slug and Lettuce for a bargain price because I'd clipped a coupon from the newspaper that gave us half price on all food orders at the restaurant. My bargain hunting is paying off!

The presentation was wonderful and the food tasted even better than it looked. I was duly impressed. They could've turned down the throbbing music a bit to make it perfect, and having extra wait staff to help out the two-overworked souls bringing out the food would've been nice. But I can't complain when the food is that good AND that inexpensive. We'll definitely be going back (because I have another coupon -- I'm still not down with paying full price, though I must say, it would be worth it).

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