Sunday, 16 March 2008

Customer service? What's that?

On hold for 15 minutes with BT phone service this morning, only to be cut off as soon as I talked to a service rep. He had already taken my phone number; will he be calling back? Nope, doesn't look like it.

Also, I need to call Sky satellite TV service as they had just offered me a year free of Sky talk. And then sent me a letter saying "sorry to hear you are canceling Sky talk" and as of March 26 the service that lets me call the U.S. for free will be cut off! WTF? This is England, y'all, and these are the type of stupid problems brought about by inefficiency and not caring about customer service that people deal with on a very regular basis here. These problems are actually quite mild compared to most of the stuff I deal with, but it's constant problems and cock-ups here. That's England -- premium prices, crap service. Urgh!!!

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  1. No - I had a similar rant about trying to phone the Canon rebate center here (US) only last week. First I weas given no opportunity to talk to a live person, even though my problem didn't fit into any of their categories. It was only when I made an error that someone came on the line - and then talked such gobbledegook that I had to give up. And what was my error in the first place? I hadn't punched in my zip code "in the time allocated". My fingers were flying so fast you couldn't see them but no, not quick enough. Grrrr! Worldwide stupidity I'm afraid.


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