Thursday, 3 May 2007

England's wild ways

There are lots of little things in England that seem a bit odd, at least from the American perspective. One is that hot dogs come in a can. Yuck! I don't know why I find this odd, but I do. But then again, I think most hot dogs are gross (unless they're turkey dogs or veggie dogs, those aren't bad). My husband bought this can but then couldn't find hot dog buns. That's right, he'll eat hot dogs from a can, but only if they are in a proper bun -- he has got standards, ya know.

A few other unusual things about the UK:

  • Bathrooms don't have power sockets -- it's deemed unsafe. Which means I get to blowdry my hair in the bedroom. On the carpet. My husband already calls me Chewbacca because I shed so much, would a little juice in the bathroom be so bad?
  • Potato chips (called crisps) come in a variety of flavors I've never seen in the U.S. -- roast chicken, prawn, beef, bacon. Forget about finding good old sour cream and onion, it ain't happening.
  • You can buy codeine without a prescription. It comes mixed with other painkillers, like ibuprofin. So the people here can't handle a power socket in the bathroom, but apparently Americans are the ones who can't handle codeine without supervision.
  • The mailman will deliver mail, but won't pick it up. My husband searched all over for the drop box for outgoing mail, to no avail. He finally asked the postman what one does with outgoing mail -- the postman gave my husband an odd look and told him you drop it in a mailbox or go to a post office. The nearest mailbox is a few blocks away, they aren't on every corner or anything.

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