Sunday, 22 April 2007

Swan River?

My husband and I just went for a roll along the river (he was on a bike, I was on the scooter I bought on eBay to help me around until my knees get better). Wow, did the river stink! When I pointed that out to my husband, he just laughed and said, "It's filthy," (meaning, "Of course it stinks, what did you expect?") And it is dirty. I can't understand why people throw trash in the river when there are trash cans all along the walk.

Anyway, we came upon a colony of swans ... maybe. My husband looked it up on Wikipedia and now thinks they may have been white geese. We'd never seen so many "swans" in one spot. It was swantastic (or goosrific, whichever the case may be). Whatever they were, they made an odd noise -- they snorted.

Edited to add: My friend, Shaun, says these are in fact swans. Which is nice, 'cause it's way cooler to run across and bunch of swans than a bunch of geese.

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