Thursday, 26 April 2007

Canal boats and graffiti

I went for a scoot (my version of a walk, but using my mobility scooter) along the River Kennet yesterday and found this spot on a little island in the center of the canal. It looks like various bits of old refuse -- a rowboat, some shopping carts -- and a shed fill this part of the island. It seemed somehow interesting and romantic to me. It's the kind of place that would have sparked all kinds of wild imaginings and a desire to explore when I was a kid -- I'm sure I could've convinced myself it was the final resting place of King Arthur or something equally enthralling (and ridiculous). If my knees were good and I wasn't afraid of what might be living under all that junk, I'd still want to explore it today.

I also saw this moored canal boat. They sometimes go up and down the river outside my window. As far as I can tell, they are merely for pleasure rather than some purpose like delivering goods. They're very long and narrow and have a long, low, windowless (as far as I can tell), enclosed cabin that I've never been able to see into. There is always someone standing outside the cabin, I guess to guide the boat (and enjoy the passing scenery).

Also interesting is the local graffiti. Just like anywhere, you can get a sense of the people and a town based on the scrawlings of local vandals (some of which can be quite artistic, but most completely moronic and disfiguring to an otherwise nice area). Someone painted "GOSH" on this side of this trash can (at least that's what it looks like it says). I'm not sure why that would be something someone was just burning to scrawl for everyone to read, except that the vandal was probably bored and unimaginative.

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