Sunday, 27 February 2011

Jim Jam state of mind

I love slubbing around in my PJs. LOVE it. Most days I force myself to ditch them by 9am, following my rule that when at home, despite my strongest instincts, I should wear something I'd be happy to answer the door in. I cheat as much as possible, finding comfy, loungy trousers to wear around home (I sooo want to call them pants but here people would think I meant my undies).

But today is Sunday, and I don't expect any surprise knocks on the door, no deliveries. The pajamas are still on at nearly 11, and I'm in no rush to take them off. On the odd chance a neighbor knocks, they'll just think I'm having a lazy Sunday and will have to deal. I suppose I will change after a bit, as the special magic of my jim jams must be preserved.

So now, a little haiku in honor of pajamas:

Sunday-morning mode
Jim Jams rule molasses day
Comfy cotton hug

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