Tuesday, 9 June 2009

It's contest time! Whoop, whoop!

As promised, I'm giving away a copy of "Britannia in Brief: The Scoop on All Things British" by Leslie Banker and William Mullins (they were good enough to contribute a copy for the contest). The book is an interesting, witty guide to British pop culture and history; for more details check here.

So, what daring feats will I make you complete to secure this worthy prize? Here we go:
  • First, this contest is open to people in the UK or the U.S.
  • Next, tell me why you want the book. Your reply can be a simple, single sentence, or you can go into more detail (feel free to share!); the choice is yours.
  • Make your entry in a comment to this post (my preferred option, just click on the word "COMMENTS" below) OR via email. Either way, include your first name and last initial as well as your city & state (or city & country in the UK). If you enter by way of comment to this blog entry, I'll enter your name TWICE in the drawing. If you opt to enter by email (groovy.yank@gmail.com), I'll put your name in the hat once. By email, use the subject line: Book Contest Entry.
  • I'll do a random drawing on June 30 at 5 pm (GMT) and post the winner by July 1. If you're the winner, email me by the end of the day July 7 with your full name and mailing address. If I don't hear from you, I'll draw another name out of the hat and post it July 8.
Good luck all!


  1. I would love to win a copy of Brittania In Brief, because I don't always understand what my friend Shelley is talking about when she describes life in England. She lives, plays, and shops at places I have never heard of. She's a prolific writer, and often leaves me feeling like I am right there with her, but this book would help to correct any misconceptions I might have. And, I love to read.

  2. I would love to learn more about the UK's past & present, and would love to read this book.

    Tiffany S.

  3. Cherry N
    Hueytown AL

    I love to win! And I love new things.

  4. Hey! I'm in Alabama and I don't understand nuttin'.

    I guess I could start improving myself with this book.


    Sharon Parramore
    Tuscaloosa, AL

  5. I want to win this book so I can give it to Sharon Parramore! She needs it; she don't know nuttin'. :)

    Teresa Kendrick
    Tuscaloosa, AL

  6. Iffen I win, I'd give it to my older sis. She says she don't know nuttin' and I believe her!

    Sharon's younger sis.

  7. I'm an American living in England and could use help understanding everything!

    Susan S.

  8. My son-in-law is from Chicago and he would enjoy it. It might clear up his questions!

    Val M.

  9. My bf lives in london. I want to impress him with my knowledge lol.

    Kim T
    Springfield, missouri

  10. Have a couple of people from Briton at work and half of what they say goes over my head. I need help.

    Bill M
    Dallas, Tx

  11. I received my book just days after being told that I'd won the contest. And it looks so interesting!
    I know I'll enjoy learning new things, and I have several family members who'd like to read it, too.

    Thanks, Groovy Yank!


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