Thursday, 1 May 2008

Bag is a poot ... er, I mean hoot

The Oracle Shopping Center in Reading is giving away these "Bags for Life" (which is what reusable shopping bags are called in marketing campaigns here) this weekend. The slogan on it refers to gases emitted by cows, which can cause climate change (my hubby could explain all this better than I; let's just say the pic means that people are affecting the environment, too, and we can all try to be "greener").

If you look closely at the pic, the drawing depicts "wind" coming out of the cow's butt! That's right, I picked up my free bag with a picture of a cow farting. I think a U.S. mall would leave the "wind" off the picture, because we're a bit more delicate about bodily functions in the U.S. (a place where it's considered crass to say you're going to the toilet, as Brits do; we prefer saying we're going to the restroom or bathroom - that's far less graphic, as for all you know we're just going to wash our hands. If you say you need a toilet, well, that's more info than I wanted).

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