Saturday, 11 August 2007

Music to my ears

On Wednesday, Hubby and I hit a local pub for a little live music. It was just the kind we love -- close and free! It was in the 3Bs pub in Reading Town Hall (and it still cracks me up that there is a pub in town hall!).

The show consisted of a pretty young singer, her sound equipment, and some CDs for backup music. Rochelle Parker had a nice voice and even some good original songs, though most of her sets were covers, which is what most crowds want to hear in a bar. Wait, did I say crowd? More like about 10 people.

One of the 10 was a rather drunk bloke that for some reason I had thought was a masculine woman with a short haircut ... until he came over, leaned on the back of my chair, and began loudly giving his critique of the show! He hated the singer's voice, said she had no stage presence, but sure, he'd f*** her! Those where his words, that he repeated a few times. My husband and I just said we liked the show and then tried to ignore him. Which was hard, as there was a bit of a BO issue. Ugh.

But he finally wandered off to harass others, and Hubby and I just enjoyed having a drink and listening to music in a low-key atmosphere. It was nice to get out, something us homebodies rarely do.

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