Monday, 30 July 2007

Dumpster diving

Today my husband and I felt like dumpster divers, but we got some good stuff and had a laugh at ourselves.

When hubby took out the trash, he saw some really good (like new) Ikea furniture in the trash shed of our apartment complex (none of it actually in a dumpster). It was a wardrobe that's taller than me and this long unit that we're using for clothes (four drawers in the middle and a couple of shelve units on the sides). Of course I can't lift anything heavy due to my knee problems, so we got my wheelchair out (that I rarely use anymore) and put one end on that while hubby carried the other end, and I pushed. I was amazed I could do it, but I was able to lean on the wheelchair and hubby bore the actual weight and work of it. And of course we had to do this in two trips.

I wonder what kind of a scene we seemed to the neighbors?! There my hubby was with his gimpy wife taking furniture out of the trash room on a wheelchair! And I don't even know if it's common to take "good" trash here; in the States, I think anyone who lived in an apartment knew the code: If you have something good and still useful to throw out, set it beside the dumpster so someone else can take it. I sure hope they do that here, or else we looked really low-class to our neighbors. We're like the Reading Hillbillies now, lol.

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  1. Many years ago, my parents cleared out their garage, which was full of stuff from previous house moves. By the end of the day, the skip they;'d hired was filled with a couple of single beds, some bedroom furniture and garden table/chairs. Whilst they waited for the skip company to come and collect the skip, various items 'disappeared' but it all happened in the night, so I guess people don't like to be seen rooting around other people's unwanted stuff!


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